Witam all na forum Mu for all. Znajdziecie tu pomoc , dowloand , prywatne serwery itp. Założyciele : Sasuko , Angel. Webmasterowie : Devils69 , WILCZUR. Moderatorzy : Hero. OGŁOSZENIE Przydało by się dodać nasze forum na inne forum(znane). Za dodanie dostanie się moderatora to jednej katygori. Dzięki:).

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WykopMu , Season 4 ,exp x300 dynamiczny, drop 40%

Server location: Poland
Server version: Season 4
Exp: x300 dynamic
Drop: 40%
Maximum Character Level: 400
Points Per Level: 5/6/7
Stats stay after reset: No

Website: www.wykopmu.pl

WykopMu project started in February. With an effort of Wykop community we managed to build or own server. We had lot's of fun in previous edition. Now we want to improve experience and fun in our server, so we've decided to make some investments and bought dedicated Mu Online server files from XTeam. We've been working on our new edition for 2 monts and it's nearly finished.

WYKOPMU STARTS ON 22ND OF JUNE - On June 22, we're starting with a Season 2 + Season 4 Edition. Registration will be opened at 7 pm (GMT+1). We have prepared a lot of new amentities and content for your maximum entertainment:

SEASON 4 CONTENT - We start with Season 2 and Summoner, but new content will be available to players over time. Everyone will find something good for him. Expect many events, quests and achievements related with unlocking new items and locations.

DYNAMIC EXPERIENCE - The Initial Experience Rate is x300 and it changes depending on conditions and how much resets you have.

NO PAY-TO-WIN - We count on your support, but player's fun is more important. All items and amenities from donation will not affect the balance of the game.

CUSTOM ITEMS AND UNIQUE SETS - Do you miss pink Grand Soul set from beta? No problem! You can have it, as well as other interesting unique items to get.

CUSTOM INVASIONS - Mu Realm is a place full of danger. There are many enemies willing to take controll over our towns. We won't let them do it!

CUSTOM QUESTS - We have prepared our own Custom Quest System, to provide you with many new challenges and rewarding prices for completition.

OLD-FASIONED GAME WITH BREATH OF FRESH CONVENIENCE - There are many game improvements such as automatic reconnection after DC, new commands, multidepo and built-in autoattack function.

Available classes: Blade Knight, Soul Master, Muse Elf, Summoner, Magic Gladiator and Dark Lord


Witam na forum mysle ze wam sie podoba i prosze o zapraszanie na forum i sie rejestrowanie :D

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